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Henry front_edited.png

Henry's Motto: Suck Up Life's Messes with a Smile!

Henry is more than just a hoover.  Aside from his cleaning duties he uses his charm to motivate everyone on site, ensuring cleaning is done to the highest standard. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Henry, here are some of his best attributes:

An Enigmatic Smile - his most distinguishing feature! That cheeky smile grows the more he hoovers up - who knew hoovering was such fun!


​Henry's Accomplices - Henry doesn't just clean; he's a team player. His army of accessories includes brushes, nozzles, and hoses. It's like a superhero squad ready to tackle any mess. 

A Secret Obsession - rumour has it that Henry has a secret obsession with collecting odd objects. People have reported finding lost earrings, coins, and even the occasional pencil in his dust bag!

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