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Meet Molly, the most charming, chaotic addition to the Pristine office! Molly joined Pristine in 2021, but is not your typical employee. She doesn't wear a uniform and is terrible at answering emails. But Molly loves to clean, especially the floors - she hoovers up crumbs and more than anything paper from the bins!


Having Molly in the office has however, presented a few unforeseen challenges. Our usual desk setup didn't quite suit her and she has instead taken guard by the office door ready to greet everyone with a welcome smile! Rhio's cakes don't go down quite as well with Molly, who instead prefers a stash of gourmet dog treats! (just be careful - no lunchbox is safe!)

However having an office dog has some benefits. Molly makes sure everyone gets up from their desks regularly to exercise - usually involves a ball or a squeaky toy! Having Molly around is like having a permanent therapist - she is always ready to help out when someone is feeling stressed, reminding us all to enjoy the little things in life (like watching her chase her tail or nap under the desk!)

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